7 Things Women Should Look For In A Man

1. Date A Man Who Reads

Literacy is essential. Date a man who can recognize the strange lines, which form letters, which form the IUPAC name of some food additive Dr. Oz has convinced you is nefarious.

2. Date A Man Who Loves Candles

Every time he lights up your toilet, he’ll light up that new artisan beeswax number with the hemp wick.

3. Date A Man Who Travels

The experience gained from his two weeks herding alpaca in Peru will prove indispensable when there’s a blown power outlet.

4. Date A Man Who Writes

A picture is worth a thousand words. A dick pic is worth the word “dick” a thousand times. Which would you rather get? Date a man who will leave you a heartfelt letter every time he messes up, instead of working through it.

5. Date A Man Who Loves Films

So that every time anyone talks about a new movie, he can remind them that “film” is the preferred vocabulary. Fellini never made a “movie”.

6. Date A Man Who Is Musical

Try not to fall asleep during part eight of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (Wake up, this is tight!). Snuggle up with your constant questioning of if you are, actually, the subject of his latest opus “Looking For Some Hot Strange”.

7. Date A Man Who Dreams

A man who really dreams. A man who dreams of his name on billboards and travelling the world and doesn’t wake up in a puddle of urine. TC Mark

image – jd_hancock

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