20 Things Conservatives On Facebook Would Say To Liberals If They’d Listen

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“Using the slogan “I’m with her” is sexist. And honestly, it doesn’t reflect well on females. Women want the first female president to be elected on her merits, not her female anatomy. The first female president should be a leader. She should be strong. She should be confident. And most of all, she should represent women in a great light. Secretary Hillary Clinton was not a leader. She was under federal investigation throughout the election cycle. Running on the basis of her anatomy alone, clearly, did not work.” – Michael Moates


“We’re not racists” – Aly O’Donnell

*Editor’s Addition – Not all Republicans are rich white men, and the thought that they are is outrageous. Republicans come from all walks of life. All races, all ethnicities, all social classes, and all age groups. Dr. Ben Carson, M.D., African-American former presidential candidate, is currently awaiting confirmation into President Trump’s cabinet. President Trump has a generally diverse staff staff, including but not limited to, Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chao, and Nikki Haley. His national spokeswoman is Katrina Pearson. Aside from the fact that our nominees during the election cycle were: White, African-American, Female, Punjabi, and Canadian born (Ted Cruz). We are not racists, and the rhetoric the Democratic Party passes along that we are, is simply not accurate.


“Quit unfriending those who have a differing viewpoint than your own. Freedoms are built on diversity, not disparaging remarks.” – Ryan David Schweitzer


“Nothing is really ‘free’!” – Ron Con

*Editor’s Addition – You talk about wanting free college. And though that sounds like a great idea, here’s the reality; Nothing is “free”. Money used to pay for what is free to you comes from someone else who worked for it. Free college is not “free”, nor is it economically feasible.


“We aren’t homophobes” – Delainey Claire

*Editor’s Addition – All of us have different opinions about LGBTQ issues, Conservatives and Liberals alike. The first amendment, though, does allow everyone the right to free speech. Some Republicans believe strongly in their religious faith, that tells them that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. Our current president, however, has stated he has no plans to interfere with the gay marriage ruling, or LGBTQ discrimination. The only exception may be made for Religious organizations and businesses, whom, are protected under Freedom of Religion.


“Taxation is theft”. – Michael Deiana, Jr.

*Editor’s addition – Taxing the wealthy out of house and home is not only unfair to them, but also, economically counterproductive. Members of the 1% tend to be in the 1% because they own businesses. These businesses create jobs. If we continue to tax the 1% astronomically, to the point where they’re giving 50% of their income to the government, not only will American workers lose jobs, the economy itself will hurt.


“We are so happy that you suddenly care about reigning in executive power. Honestly. We have been trying to convince you that the president and the policies he controls through the incredible number of federal agencies is incredibly dangerous. Now that someone sits at the resolute that you fervently disagree with, you understand the issue much, much better. The best thing to come from a Trump presidency is that you understand the merits behind scaling back the powers vested in the executive branch, and the powers vested in the federal government. Thank God.” – Colton Duncan


“He is your president.” – Cory Piper

*Editor’s addition – Donald Trump was nominated. He won. He is the President of the United States. If you are a citizen here, he is your president. End of discussion.


“Abortion is a tough subject. Not every Republican is Pro-Life. Not every Democrat is Pro-Choice. Not all of us want to defund Planned Parenthood. Some of us do. Some of us think abortion is equivalent to murder. Some of us don’t. All we’re asking, is for you to stop assuming you know how we feel.” – Aly O’Donnell


“We don’t hate immigrants.” – Delainey Claire


“Equal pay for the exact same job and number of hours at the exact same firm is the LAW. All companies obey it, so stop making up this “gender wage gap” hoax. Trust me, if I ever find that an employer is disregarding this law, I’ll be up in arms with you.” –Jackie Rosenthal


“Free speech is of utmost importance to a republic. If you hear speech you don’t like, the answer is more speech explaining your opinion, not shutting down differing viewpoints.” – Samantha Marie Zinnen


“Minorities can be conservative… and no, it doesn’t make us ‘traitors’.” – Christina Herrera


“Hey, we love you like you love us. Let’s have a creative discussion in where we can all better understand each other.” – Matt Trinidad


“Guns don’t kill people… people kill people. Quit trying to take away our 2nd amendment.” – James Pendergraft


“Our country is only a “safe space” because of the sacrifices of our military service members. Please be respectful of those who served and those who are serving.” –Samantha Marie Zinnen


“Defunding Planned Parenthood isn’t attacking women’s health. It’s about not using tax dollars for abortion services. If Planned Parenthood’s primary focus wasn’t abortion, they would have nothing to worry about.” – Alex Flores


“You can’t say you champion rape advocacy while simultaneously campaigning to disarm females who are at the highest risk of sexual assault victimization. Self-defense is a human right.” – Kimberly Corban


“Compassion for the poor is really measured in policies that allow them to work and get off the public dole, not in handouts that keel them subservient to big government.” – David Blasingame


“Conservatives want to help everyone too, but they don’t see government as the best means. You have to count the costs of every good thought. As a society, you get what you reward (if you pay people not to work, they won’t work) The “rich” don’t have enough money to solve all financial problems even if you take all of their money, it also takes hard decisions. Rule of law is pretty helpful for a functioning society. Babies (even in utero) are independent human beings denoted by their distinct genetic identity (as such they are not a part of the host’s body, they are separate beings) That government is best which governs least.” – Guy Bratton

*Editor’s note: Most comments expressed were taken from a public Facebook post (shown below), on which the author asked for feedback. Quotes reflect solely the opinion of the persons quoted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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