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The Day Robert Irvine Saw My Kitchen

He tried the mac n’ cheese. “What is this? It has no taste whatsoever. It has the consistency of baby food. It just tastes like somebody opened a box of mac n’ cheese and dumped it into a pot of water.”

We All Stand Still Sometimes

“I’m sorry about everything.” You can feel her eyes on you. “I feel like I’ve done nothing but cause trouble.” You feel her hand on yours and you know that she feels comforted that you are beside her.

Interviews At A Wedding

I remember my wedding like it was yesterday. How long ago do you think that was? Oh, you’re a sweetheart; it was 56 years ago. Yes, it was in 1956 and I was 24 years old.

Interviews From A Public Breakup

She confessed that she wanted to leave me and hope that I wouldn’t take it the wrong way. She implied that he was better in bed. She always tries to belittle me in the smallest way.

All Roads Lead To One

You paced around the waiting room and you found yourself slumped in a chair at 8 in the morning still waiting for a doctor or a nurse or me emerge from the operating room. You looked for someone to talk to but you felt anxious and fearful.

Questions To Ask Before Unfriending Someone On Facebook

Too many people I know, myself included, have been plagued by inspired decisions to unfriend people on Facebook. Whether it’s to lower our friend count or to become more ‘exclusive,’ the unfriending ceremony is a phenomenon that everyone with a Facebook account must consider.

Why I’m Tired Of Birds

You’ve been out all night and it’s time to go back home. The night air is crisp and chilly as you motion for a cab somewhere in the Village. You may be riding with a person you met tonight, you may be alone, but this is certain: you want to be in bed. A cab stops in front of you and you climb in…

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