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Here’s A List Of Stupid Things I’ve Done So Far In The Stock Market

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In my last entry about my foray into the financial market, I started off with $50, lost it all, pumped another $50 into it and lost that too. Right now, the two companies I have shares of in my Kapitall account are Saratoga Resources INC., which was delisted and placed into OTCMKTS (go me), and Precision Drilling Company. Guys, I will say those were really bad plays. I almost forgot β€” I put money into Sprint, too. It looks like I’m the harbinger of doom when it comes to companies!

I jumped on the NFLX bandwagon (at the highest in August, ~$129) and panic-sold it for a paltry $98/share. I fucked up again, guys. I’m so sorry.

I sold HAL (thank god, I made money on this), and sold off my position in a small caps fund to put them all into NKE.

Right now, I’m hoping ATVI and NKE carry me on through 2016 and bring me joy. I still have my position in a S&P 500 fund, so I’ll be riding on that, but we’ll see where we are next year with the fed rate hike and all.

And before I forget, I put a large sum of money into JCP. Yes, you can laugh at me. TC mark

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