Juliet K’s New Single, ‘Live With Me’ Is Both Haunting And Captivating

Juliet K / "Live With Me" Single
Juliet K / “Live With Me” Single

Brooklyn-based songwriter Juliet K’s first single, “Live With Me” should come with a warning sticker: dangerously addicting. As a professionally-trained opera singer, Juliet has the ability to lure the listener in with her hypnotic vocals. She can whisper and belt out notes you never thought you’d hear on a folk song. This lush folk-rock anthem represents a rougher electric side, but surrounded on all ends with intimate lyrics.

“Live With Me” is all dreams and slightly-yellowing photographs translated into a song. It’s nostalgic, melancholic, pulls at the heartstrings, but at the same time, it’s rousing and captivating. It reminds you of a hollowness you’ve experienced before in your life, a tugging absence you’ve long tried to forget. Juliet K’s vocals acts as the beacon of clarity and the driving force, her lyrics alternating between longing and forgiving, while subtly muted guitar and bass provide an organic ebb and flow of dynamism between the synths and the drums. Like the pull of the moon, the vocals move in and out between the rhythmic tones of the bass and the earnest notes of the guitar. Make no mistake, this is a song you’ll be playing on repeat all night long.

Juliet K’s upcoming debut album, All Unforgivable Things, was produced by Donald Ducote of Ancient History and engineered by Kevin Blackler and Paul Johnson of Beirut’s Lon Gisland EP. Oliver Mashburn of Swanky Tiger provided the guitar, percussion and backing vocals performed by James Mulhern of What Laura Says. The album was mixed and mastered by Johnny Kenepaske.

Juliet K Music
Juliet K Music

Download the single on her BandCamp.

Juliet K will be playing at Pete’s Candy Store on October 18th at 11PM. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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