This Man Figured Out The Habits Of Extremely Successful (And Rich) People

Imagine possessing all of the traits of a highly successful investor or an entrepreneur. You’d be sitting behind a solid wood desk (or if you’re the minimalist-type, you’d be behind a simple metallic desk in a big empty room, right?) pouring over minute financial details. You’d do this every day without fail. You believe that skipping a day will end up with failure. Persistence is an important attribute, you believe.

In 1908, Napoleon Hill met Andrew Carnegie and discussed how Carnegie made his fortunes. From there, Hill went on to interview hundreds of others like Carnegie, which turned into Hill’s bestselling book, Think And Grow Rich. Later, in 1954, Hill held lectures expanding on topics discussed in the book. These lectures were collected and published as Your Right To Be Rich in 2014.

In regards to personal initiative and growth, Richard Feloni, of Business Insider dissected Hill’s lectures and was able to draw out 26 habits of successful people. Read the list here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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