19 Reasons Being Korean Is Truly Awful

1. No one famous has ever come from Korea.

Do you know of this guy? I bet you don’t.

2. And it totally didn’t take the world by storm.


3. To add insult to injury, Korean food is totally bland.

4. I mean, would you eat this?

5. And no one thinks Korean barbeque is any good.

6. No one.


7. Like, look at this.


8. Weak-ass barbeque game.


9. Koreans have no national pride.

10. Totally uninterested.

11. Because there aren’t Koreans playing sports overseas.


12. None whatsoever.

13. The music? There’s absolutely no music scene in Korea.


14. Seriously.

15. Don’t get me started on their TV programs.

16. No one watches them.

17. Because they’re boring.

18. Did I mention Koreans don’t drink?

19. And can’t forget this thing.


Korea is actually a wonderful place. Check it out sometime. Maybe I’ll show you around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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