Brooklyn Artist KATSU Paints Facebook Mogul Mark Zuckerberg Using Human Poop

Famed graffiti artist KATSU‘s gallery show “Remember the Future” currently showing at The Hole until February 22 exhibits more than just artwork. KATSU explores the relationship between humans and technology, biological and the digital, of which his drone paintings capture so well. Among “selfies” of androids and 3D printed handguns, Mark Zuckerberg’s portrait is present, painted with the artist’s feces.

You might remember portraits of Zuckerberg with a black eye plastered around Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. That was KATSU’s work. “He deserves to be ridiculed,” he said in a Gizmodo interview. That was a set up for his show at EYEBEAM, where he spray painted the facade of the building, inadvertently “defacing” a gallery next door.

According to The Hole, KATSU’s exhibition demonstrates “how humans interact with tools they have created…. KATSU explores the bizarre interchange between our influence on technology and its influence on us. He finds inspiration in the slippages between what new tech innovations can do for us and what they unexpectedly do to us. Technology seems to grow exponentially while human understanding, emotion, intelligence, spirituality or capacity in general inches along logarithmically at best.”

Check out KATSU’s gallery show “Remember the Future” at The Hole in New York City. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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