This Is A Confession That Will Shock You To Your Very Core


What I’m going to confess will shock the living daylights out of you.

I prefer playing ESPN 2K5 over any Madden games.

Why? Because, it is, hands-down, the best, most wonderful football simulator to have ever been developed. Some of you might be wondering, “What the fucking fuck are you doing playing a game that came out 10 years ago?” Well, for starters, I’ve caught on what EA Sports does with their franchise a long time ago. Small updates here and there and a roster update, all for $59.99, plus tax. No, sir. There are wonderfully talented and giving men and women out there that provide you with roster updates for free. And secondly, it’s the only football game I’ve ever owned. That’s right. 2K5 has been the one-and-only for me, and I think it will be for another decade.

Okay, okay, I’ll concede, the commentary gets old. And it gets old quick. I’ve memorized what Dan Stevens and Peter O’Keefe have to say about my amazing defense and my mediocre quarterback (I’ve won the Super Bowl twice as the Bills).

EA Sports bought out the rights to license NFL and NCAA football, which took out 2K Sports (and Visual Concepts) from creating any more NFL games. Too bad, because EA Sports would do well with some competition. I’m sick of listening to my friends that play Madden complain about this year’s game being almost the same as last year’s, or that franchise mode has never been the same since 2012 (or something like that, but I’m assuming it’s like FIFA’s manager mode, which is a little bit limiting, but just enough to hold your attention until you get bored from repetition. I play Football Manager too, so I like a more immersive experience).

This brings me to: is there a football manager, like NFL manager game that I haven’t found yet? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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