Too Many Items To Choose From On Seamless? This Website Has Got You Covered.

Seamless Roulette
Seamless Roulette

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent 20 minutes on your Seamless order debating if you wanted a burrito or an order of some kick-ass flautas. Those 20 minutes could have been used by standing by the water cooler drinking a ton of water and saying awkward hellos to your colleagues. Just think about it. All of the extra work you could’ve been doing. This life is about efficiency and Seamless Roulette has your back. You plug in your Seamless login information and how much you want to spend on your random order and it does everything for you. So what if you get a potato salad and a can of coke? You specified $8.00, you dolt! You might (probably) not get what you would’ve gotten if you had poured 33% of an hour perfecting an order that you order almost every day, but you have to take your chances. Godspeed, you demons. TC mark


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    Smart idea

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