16 Misspellings On Twitter That’ll Have You Laughing In No Time

1. It’s hard to heart to heart

2. I didn’t know you can substitute roman numerals for ramen noodles

3. MorBITly Obease

4. I didn’t know oaks could be so meaty

5. A very powerful seed, indeed

6. Okay, this isn’t Twitter, but…

7. Seriously guys…?

8. Come again?

9. People type this on Twitter

10. You’re measured in 140 characters, not height

11. Neil down! Neil down!

12. If you had a million molecules of air…

13. I guess not as a copywriter, right?

14. So excited for some shorbert!

15. Thank you for the various updates

16. What did hatters do to you?

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    I do feel meaty oaker…

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