This Is Not Aphex Twin’s Hidden Track On Syro

Aphex Twin’s newest album, SYRO was released on Tuesday (9/23/14) in the USA. Its launch was announced in the deep web by Richard D. James himself. The uploader of this song, titled “ZOoMIxMAx-frod5” claims that this is a hidden track on SYRO (on the Japanese version), which the inventive and innovative James has done in the past. Unfortunately for Aphex Twins fans, this is actually “IDORU” by Blush Response from the album DESIRE MACHINES.

Youtube / Bokke Pruiker
Youtube / Bokke Pruiker

Blush Response is an electronic band started by Joey Blush, a Miami-born musician, currently spending his time in NYC. His new album, DESIRE MACHINES is out now. You can check out more of Blush Response here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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