This Guy Ate Bad Sashimi And What Happened To Him Is Absolutely Terrifying

image - Flickr / Evan Bench
image – Flickr / Evan Bench

Holy. Shit.

I love sushi. I love sashimi. And this terrifies me to no end. I wish I never saw these photographs.

We all know if you get some contaminated fish (I think it’s heavily regulated here in the United States, don’t quote me on it, though), there is a high chance that you might get some tapeworms inside your little digestive system. Okay, you can take some medication for it, right? Well, this man seems to be completely infected with cysts and parasites. What in the world happened to him? Redditors believe that the infection actually came from infected pork, not fish, but eating raw anything is dangerous, isn’t it? Here’s an illustration by the CDC that shows how pork tapeworms come to live in human beings. As Drake once sang, “YOLO.” TC mark

Check out the image on Imgur.

Read more here on Reddit.


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