If You Haven’t Heard Yet, This Is How You Can Get Legendary Engrams In Destiny

Destiny is a next-gen open world first-person shooter developed by Bungie (of the Halo series) and published by Activision (the same group that brought you Spyro, Guitar Hero, X-Men, Doom 3, among other great titles). It launched early September 2014 with what Bungie calls an “alive” universe. You explore the ruins of an ancient human civilization (and the solar system) and defend the last stronghold (they call it the “last safe city on Earth”) using custom characters called Guardians. It comes off as an MMO, but Bungie has repeatedly stated that it isn’t one, instead slapping the game with a shared-world shooter genre.

Anyway, engrams, the game’s crucial piece to obtaining the best gear out there, with purple engrams having the chance to drop legendaries and blues, rares, can basically be farmed by using the strategy below. You take the engrams to the Cryptarch (Crypto-archaeologist) at the Tower, who unlocks the engrams for you, resulting in the Cryptarch’s reputation to increase and the Guardian’s (that’s you) too.

Until Bungie decides release a patch to kill this, farm all the engrams! It’s your destiny. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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