Apparently This Is Everything You Need To Know About The Impending Samsung Galaxy S6 Release

For current Samsung Galaxy users (myself included, albeit still on the lowly S3), we’re all wondering when the next big thing is going to come out (the S6). With all the hype behind the Apple iPhone, which to its credit, looks sleek and nice, but also interestingly similar in size to the Galaxy, one can’t help but wonder what Samsung is going to do next. A release date won’t be revealed until much later in the year, but the rumor mill has started spinning and people have been talking. One is that the phone will come out early 2015 to compete with the iPhone 6. Another is that the phone will be curved, and that Samsung will use high-end materials and equip the phone with the latest technology available. For Samsung’s flagship phone, we’re guaranteed one helluva piece of technology. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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