23 People Share Their Thoughts On What Makes The Best Pizza Topping

image - Flickr / Dennis Wilkinson
image – Flickr / Dennis Wilkinson

Pictures do not correspond with answers above. For your eye stomach and drooling mouths only.

1. Ella

Roasted garlic — and pesto instead of the red is A+.

2. Koty

I’m a classic pepperoni girl.

3. Lance

Roasted garlic is pretty solid. I like jalepeños, but very situational.

image - Flickr / Alpha
image – Flickr / Alpha

4. Jim

Thai peanut sauce. Used to be a place in Portland with the goofy-ass name of “It’s a Wonderful Pizza…” They’d put spicy Thai peanut sauce with little ground peanuts.

5. David

Salami, sopressata, mozzarella, onions… Dude I’m so hungry now.

6. Pat

Stuffed pizza crust with some bacon and cheddar cheese. I’ll always be 10-years-old when it comes to pizza.

7. Oliver

You guys are all wrong. It’s bacon, pepperoni, and sausage for the win.

image - Flickr / Kelly
image – Flickr / Kelly

8. Eve

Just good old cheese. Oh, and basil.

9. Chelsea

It’s roasted garlic and pesto or white sauce. And separately, pineapple, jalapenos, and italian sausage.

10. Joe

Are you ready for this? Ham, bacon, meatballs, chorizo, peppers. BOOM.

image - Flickr / Seth Werkheiser
image – Flickr / Seth Werkheiser

11. Sam


12. Cathy

Have you tried salad pizza? You pour some balsamic vinaigrette and it’s fucking heaven.

13. Jamie

Umm, how has no one said olives, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts?

image - Flickr / Matt Harris
image – Flickr / Matt Harris

14. Rob

A place by my house does a chicken, bacon, and ranch pizza and it’s wonderful.

15. Alex

Roasted tomatoes and vidalia onions!

16. Grace

I don’t know why but I find onions and pesto sauce to be amazing.

image - Flickr / Mark H. Anbinder
image – Flickr / Mark H. Anbinder

17. Jack

I like buffalo chicken pizza. I like chicken cutlets on my pizza too.

18. Chrissy

For good pizza: capers. For delivery pizza: pineapple.

19. Paul

I need four types of cheese on my pizza. Otherwise, leave me alone.

20. Harris

Ricotta cheese please.

image - Flickr / Katrin Morenz
image – Flickr / Katrin Morenz

21. Dinah

Okay — olives, capers, and anchovies.

22. Juan Carlos

Pepperoni, but spinach is very underrated and perfect for when you’re with your vegetarian friends.

23. Mark

Feta and olives. That shit is the bomb. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image - Flickr / Navin Rajagopalan
image – Flickr / Navin Rajagopalan

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