17 Problems Only Gym-Goers Understand

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1. Going to bed early because you have a class at 7AM.

2. The treadmills were full, so you had to settle for the elliptical

3. People listening to music really loud next to you

4. Or slamming weights, because animals

5. It’s time to leave, but you just can’t miss this episode of Law And Order


6. You watch someone leave the machine and not wipe it down

If you use it, clean it. Seriously. (Let this be your life’s mantra.)

7. The music is just totally not motivating

Did something happen to the DJ? Why is Sigur Ros on repeat?

8. The weight area is completely overrun

No place to do my bicep curls :'(

9. The weights are not where they’re supposed to be

For some reason, I’ll always find one 25 lbs dumbbell on the rack, but can’t find the other.

10. You accidentally make eye contact with someone


11. You got to the gym, but you’re really tired so…

You bike! For an hour! Or until you get bored!

12. That feeling you get when you have to decrease the weight from whoever used it before you

13. When it’s pizza night? (Planet Fitness)

14. Watching people using the machines wrong

15. Watching guys trying to pick up girls

Come on guys, it’s the gym.

16. Any time you go to the gym with a friend that’s far more fit than you…

17. When you’re the only one at the gym! (Not a problem)

But it’s all worth it because you’re going to get super fit! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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