This Guy’s Advice From Reddit To Screw Over His Ex-Wife Completely Backfired On Him

A Redditor is in deep shit after taking some advice from r/ExMormon.

He originally wanted a good divorce attorney, so he asked for advice on Reddit. That led him to meeting with divorce attorneys to prevent them from representing his wife. Well, one thing led to another and he was slapped with a motion for attorney’s fees.

Here’s the full story from r/LegalAdvice:

A while back I asked for advice on a good divorce attorney in another sub. Someone said:

You don’t have to hire the best or most expensive attorney. You need to consult with the top family attorneys in town. The lawyer cannot represent your ex to be if you’ve discussed your marriage with them. It’s a conflict of interest. Read up on it, there are a few tricks you can pull to help even the playing field.

Based on the advice I got I spent the next few weeks talking with like 30 divorce attorneys in town, so that my wife and her dad would not be able to hire one. I never hired an attorney myself because I could not afford one but my wife found one anyway.

Apparently they found out what I did, probably because it was so hard for her to get an attorney, and today I just got hit with a motion for attorneys fees saying that what I did was abuse of process, an attempt to deprive and interfere with justice, bad faith, and a bunch of other stuff. And that I have to pay part of her attorney fees because I made it more expensive for her.

Is there something I can do to stop this? This is in Utah.

Commenters weren’t too supportive of the original poster, explaining that his actions were malicious, which deserved such a motion. And it’s revealed that OP can’t even delete the posts because that would be destroying evidence relevant to litigation. He’s in serious deep shit.

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