Mario Balotelli Primed For Return To Premier League: Liverpool In Talks With AC Milan To Sign Italian Striker

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Wait. Surely not Super Mario? You mean that guy who lit fireworks in his own bathroom and almost burned the house down? The guy that drives $200,000 cash in the seat of his car just because he can?

Well, yes.

So Liverpool sold Luis Suarez, the guy everyone in America (and I guess, the rest of the world) knows as “that guy that bit the other guy in the World Cup and he totally should get banned for life” for some guy that doesn’t seem to care about the game? Well, you all fail to see what Balotelli is truly made of.

Now, Twitter is abuzz with this transfer “rumor” that AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli will sign a 5-year deal with the Merseysiders. The deal is said to be around £16 million (that’s roughly $26,500,000).

AC Milan has confirmed that they were in talks with Liverpool (this was around 5AM EST).

But Liverpool fans should be excited.

Balotelli is young. He’s 24. He’s fast, strong, and unpredictable. That’s basically Suarez, except Balotelli has the tendency to sulk and pout.

According to This Is Anfield, Balotelli has scored an impressive 26 goals in 43 games.

Here’s some stats to drive some fans wild:

Balotelli is a controversial figure, no doubt, but he’ll be bringing in fans hoping to see his brilliance shine. After all, Brendan Rogers does seem to have a knack for polishing those diamonds in the rough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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