37 Thoughts You Have When You’re 15 Minutes Early To Something

1. Is this the place? I think this is the place.

2. Where is everybody?

3. Oh god, I’m 15 minutes early.

4. What do I do?

5. I don’t want to go in and sit there by myself.

6. I feel really awkward right now.

7. I’m standing outside by myself.

8. Is there a place to sit?

9. I guess I’ll text someone.

10. There, she knows I’m here now.

11. Ugh, god, I hate waiting.

12. People are looking at me. They know what’s going on.

13. Please. Stop. Staring.

14. What’s this on the floor? Oh it’s just a cigarette butt.

15. What time is it… It’s been only two minutes? Are you kidding me?


17. I guess I’ll go for a walk around the block.

18. Okay, I’m back, how long was that? FIVE MINUTES? Oh geez. You’ve got to be kidding me.

19. Has anyone texted me…? Nope. No one.

20. Please, oh please, someone get here.

21. I guess I’ll just lean on this wall here and play 2048.

22. Yeah that’s what I’ll do.

23. Oh man this is getting intense.

24. Oh shit, I just lost. Oh well.

25. And the time… It hasn’t even been a minute. Great. I suck at waiting and at this game.

26. Where ARE you guys…?

27. I don’t want to be here anymore.

28. Please, someone…come…now…

29. I’m so embarrassed, I’ve been out here for 10 minutes. I’m wasting my life here.

30. Oh, is that — no, that’s not her.

31. What if they’re late? Oh my god, I’ll be out here for an indefinite amount of time, and everyone will think I’m some kind of loser.

32. Please don’t be late, please don’t be late, please don’t be late…

33. *huge sigh*

34. I’m so bored.

35. I’m soooooooooo bored.

36. Did someone say my name?

37. Ah, finally. Right on time. Phew. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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