FIFA Launches Disciplinary Proceedings Against Luis Suarez For Biting Giorgio Chiellini

Gfycat / PresentSardonicAiredaleterrier
Gfycat / PresentSardonicAiredaleterrier

Liverpool’s star striker, Luis Suarez made headlines yesterday in the Uruguay – Italy match after cameras showed him “biting” Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder. (And when I saw his head move towards Chiellini, I literally groaned, “Not again, you motherfucker.” All Liverpool fans must’ve said the same thing.)

FIFA has since launched proceedings against the Uruguayan striker.

People who were watching the game took to Twitter to express their horror and astonishment that Suarez has bitten someone again. (I did, too. Haven’t you learned from your past two bites, Luis?!)

Suarez had been involved in “biting” allegations more than once.

In 2010, he was smacked with a seven-match ban for biting Otman Bakkal while playing for Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie.

In 2013, he was banned for 10 matches for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. (And we all thought he’d learned from the ban!)


Suarez wasn’t carded for the incident. Chiellini expressed outrage and frustration towards the referee, even showing where Suarez allegedly bit him, but the referee did not take action. Suarez, meanwhile, held his teeth in pain. (I think he should’ve been given at least a yellow for that.)

To add insult to injury, Diego Godin, Uruguay’s captain, scored the only goal of the match.

Uruguay advanced to the knockout stage with Costa Rica, while Italy and England packed their bags to go home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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