53 Things You Need To Experience To Understand How Awesome Life Can Be


1. Holding hands with someone you love.

2. Laughing with a group of friends.

3. Returning a smile.

4. Receiving a smile.

5. Holding a baby in your arms.

6. Getting kissed.

7. The moment before the roller coaster accelerates down the hill.

8. Sprinklers on a hot, summer day.

9. On the beach, with the waves splashing your feet.

10. Pillow fight.

11. Complimenting a stranger.

12. Getting a compliment from a stranger.

13. Listening to a thunderstorm with the windows open.

14. Running through the rain with your date.

15. Gratitude.

16. Crunching leaves with your feet during fall.

17. Learning new languages.

18. Listening to that one song with your best friends.

19. A dog’s unconditional love.

20. A cat’s quirky behavior.

21. Sliding around the house in your socks.

22. Admitting you’re wrong (just this once).

23. Flying to a new country.

24. Roadtrip with friends.

25. Watching sports with friends.

26. Hugging your parents.

27. Thanking your parents.

28. Volunteering.

29. Getting hugs from strangers.

30. Reading scary stories.

31. Watching a horror movie with a group of friends.

32. Late night food runs.

33. Fresh pizza.

34. Rooftop party.

35. Cold beer.

36. Music festival.

37. Picnic.

38. Stargazing.

39. Watching clouds.

40. Biking somewhere.

41. Drinking an energy drink and having to poop.

42. That smell of coffee in the morning.

43. Early morning sunrise.

44. The first nice day of spring.

45. The first snowfall of the year.

46. A refreshing shower after a long, hard workout.

47. A heartfelt message from a loved one.

48. Receiving letters from old friends.

49. The soft spring breeze that dances around your room.

50. Inside jokes.

51. That moment of relief after a hard run.

52. Feeling loved.

53. Giving love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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