If You’ve Wondered If There Was A Way To Visualize Drug Experiences, This Is It

Understanding how individual drugs impact their users can be an important step in understanding how to best treat those who become addicted. Illicit drugs are grouped together, and what is often lost are the nuances of how these drugs differ from each other in terms of their effects. To get a better understanding of these differences, we’ve done extensive linguistic analysis on thousands of written user experiences from 8 of the most used and abused illicit drugs. Below we have examined each of these drugs and visualized the words that are most unique to that drug experience as compared to the others. What we are left with are the words that seem to define that particular drug’s experience. The results are incredibly revealing and go a long way in showing just how experientially different these drugs can be.


Via Rehabs.com


Via Rehabs.com


Via Rehabs.com


Via Rehabs.com

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