56 Things I Will Say To My Daughter

1. I love you!

2. You are too cute!

3. Tummy kisses!

4. Eat your spaghetti.

5. Don’t throw food, that is not good behavior.

6. Throwing a temper tantrum will not get you anywhere.

7. Stop hitting the car.

8. I’m not buying you a new doll.

9. Stop screaming! Oh god, why are you so embarrassing?

10. Don’t hide when we’re at the store again.

11. Where did you put daddy’s keys?

12. Are you okay?

13. Be quiet.

14. No chores today.

15. Clean your room.

16. Put it in the dishwasher.

17. Don’t leave your plates on the table.

18. Did you play in mud again?

19. What a great picture!

20. Please stop drawing on the walls.

21. I’m proud of you.

22. Great catch.

23. Throw the ball back.

24. Nice try.

25. Don’t pet the dog too hard.

26. No.

27. Yes.

28. I’m not sure.

29. Go ask your mother.

30. You’re not driving my car.

31. What do you mean you’re not going to college?

32. I’m not being sarcastic.

33. I’m not always serious.

34. Don’t put this on me.

35. That’s not your fault.

36. I’m sorry, honey.

37. Have fun at prom!

38. Don’t drink and drive.

39. I miss you.

40. When are you coming home?

41. Come home when you can, we have a surprise for you.

42. Your mother and I are going to come up and visit you.

43. This campus is bigger than I remember.

44. Don’t walk too fast.

45. Are you eating right?

46. You look thin.

47. Don’t smoke too much.

48. We left your room just how you left it.

49. Go wear something warmer, it’s cold out.

50. I heard you joined a sorority.

51. Eat more.

52. You’d better graduate on time.

53. Don’t tell me you changed your major…again.

54. Your mother was upset when you said you weren’t going to visit us this Christmas.

55. Congratulations, honey.

56. Welcome to adulthood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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