27 More Hilarious Spelling Mistakes That People On Twitter Can’t Stop Making

I just can’t believe that these men and women do not use spell check on their phones. I mean, doesn’t it come pre-enabled? They must be pretty confident in their spelling abilities! Here’s more spelling mistakes on Twitter for your enjoyment. Read the original 27 post here.

1. “apidimi”

This word is seriously the epitome of all that is wrong with not spell checking.

2. “…winey”

Wait, when they’re saying “winey” voices, do they mean drunk voices?

3. “…go to collage”

You can’t go to collage, you make ’em.

4. “…barley…”

Barley is a great source of fiber, I think. Right?

5. “Aifel Tower”

6. “corn roads”

I’m just shaking my head right now.

7. “I’m a genious”

8. “sillowet “

9. “human bean”

*bangs head on desk*

10. “fake an organism”

11. “mysery “

12. “lewbuttons”

13. “klamidia”

14. “flaming young”

15. “seizure salad”

16. “quarterroys”

17. “alluminati”

18. “…dairy air”

19. “…aliterate”

20. “sellulite”

21. “masterbait”

Goddamn, people, TMI. T.M.I.

22. “subliminol”

23. “dognuts”

24. “…raping presents…”

25. “ginger rale”

26. “kukies”

27. “alphet”

They mean outfit. There, I saved you the trouble of trying to figure it out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Twitter

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