23 Greatest Snow Sports Fail Videos In Existence That Will Hurt You

Snow is awesome. It gets even more awesome when you add some flat boards that reduce friction and let you go fast down a slope and shit. Some people think it’s exhilarating and take it to the next level. This isn’t for weak people, at least, that’s what Jerry said to me before he pushed my chubby 10-year-old self down a bunny slope. I ended up with a concussion and Jerry, was suspended from school. Anyway, I haven’t gone to any ski slopes or whatever since then. I watch these imagining it’s Jerry, getting failed from all directions and guess what, it makes me feel good. Don’t judge me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

1. He forgot how to stop

2. Whoops

3. That looked really painful

4. Dropping like a stone

5. I guess you can slip on ice

6. Ski. Gone.

7. Right in the nuts

8. That impact

9. He went really high

10. He kicked her in the face with his SKATES

11. Into the mountain

12. Guess his arms were weak

13. Sprinting the 1500m

14. He saw you

15. Missed open net and got scored on

16. Ski jumper must’ve shit his pants

17. Luge is fucking dangerous

18. Must’ve hit a gopher

19. Don’t sit in the middle of traffic

20. That’s like a full body slap

21. That looked really painful

22. Guess he wasn’t ready

23. He believed, he really did


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