11 Things From House Of Cards You Probably Forgot About

Netflix released the second season of House Of Cards at 3am, February 14, to let single people on Valentine’s Day forget that they’re lonely and instead, watch this incredible show. Okay, so I just made that last part up, but it was really released at 3am. Let the binge watching begin!

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFhJjCmYi1M%5D

Spoilers ahead.

1. The US version is adapted from the BBC version, which in turn was based on a novel written by Michael Dobbs.

2. Frank Underwood and Tim Corbet may or may not have had a romantic relationship, as evidenced from “Chapter 8” from Season 1.

3. We know that Pete Russo can’t win in order for Frank’s plan to work, so Frank has Doug Stamper use the call girl to get Russo to relapse. And, if you don’t remember, Frank leaves Russo’s car — with Russo passed out in it, closes the garage door, and makes it look like a suicide.

4. Frank attended Harvard Law while Claire took classes at Harvard undergrad for her Environmental Health and Chemistry degree.

5. While Frank and Claire have decided on not having babies, it’s revealed that she has had three abortions in “Chapter 13”.

6. We know that Vasquez has a son named Ruben. He applied to Stanford, but was rejected. Frank intervened, asking Gillian Cole, a Stanford Valedictorian, and Ruben was subsequently accepted. Vasquez knows that it was because of Frank that Ruben was accepted.

7. Gillian Cole was fired from Claire Underwood’s Clear Water Initiative because of her refusal to cooperate with CWI due to an agreement between SanCorp and Claire.

8. Gillian sued Claire and she is adamant about not pursuing a settlement.

9. Russo’s death means he leaves behind two children, Sarah (age 11) and Kevin (age 8). His ex wife, Madelyn, lives in Washington.

10. Reny Danton is a former protege of Frank Underwood. He now works as a lobbyist for SanCorp. He convinced Claire to backstab Frank for her plans for CWI to go through the South Sudanese customs in exchange to kill Peter Russo’s environmental bill.

11. Frank Underwood was vetted for the Vice Presidency, which he accepted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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