10 Little-Known Facts About ‘How I Met Your Mother’

1. MacLaren’s Pub is named after the Associate Producer on the show. His name is Carl Maclaren, and the bartender is named Carl, who Ted believed to be a vampire (Season 1, Episode 10) because they only saw him at night.



2. Colbie Smulders, who plays Robin Scherbatsky, is actually from, you guessed it, Canada. They both hail from the Great White North, specifically, Vancouver. Go Canucks!


3. Barney Stinson, a drug dealer? Yes, that’s right. Neil Patrick Haris’ character, that we oh-so-much love, is named after a heroin dealer from James Ellroy’s book, L.A. Confidential.


4. Sandy Rivers, Blauman, and Scooter are three of the main cast’s significant others: Alyson Hannigan, Colbie Smulders, and Neil Patrick Harris, respectively.


5. Alyson Hannigan (Lily) was pregnant for most of Season 4. The writers had a little fun with it. Check out The Possimpible (Season 4, Episode 14).


6. Samm Levine (remember Freaks And Geeks?) could’ve been Barney Stinson!



7. Carter Bays, co-creator of the show, Tweets some awesome HIMYM trivia!

8. To this day, no one knows what Barney’s actual job is.

9. Someone actually proposed (for real!) on an episode of HIMYM.

During one episode, Robin gets upset in the restaurant when receives a glass of chamapagne with engagement ring, thinking that Ted is gonna propose to her. At the moment when Ted says “It’s not mine”, another gentleman gets up from the table behind them, and says “It’s my” and return to his table where he proposes to his girlfriend. The marriage proposal was not a part of the script, but realistic situation. The man planned the whole scene with the producers of the TV show and had told to his girlfriend that they received a price to participate in one episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. So, he prposed to his girlfriend to be his wife and that marriage proposal will “live forever”, recorded as a part of an episode of this popular sitcom.


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