The Top 45 Responses We Found To The Question, “What Makes You Happy?”

Sometimes, we need reminders of the things that make us happy. Maybe you need it today. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. akeldama1984

Having my head scratched, I just melt.

2. HappyAfrican

What makes me happy is being in control of my happiness. I realized that my happiness is not dependent on external things, but a choice I make in every moment. I practice being happy every day, it didn’t just happen. Even when things are going badly, I can still be a happy peaceful person.

This has set me free and makes me happy.

3. nasha911

Those days where your brain is just running super-efficient, pumping out high quality stuff at a million miles an hour. You feel ready for anything, creative, strong, upbeat.

Also, sitting down in the shower of a morning and taking some very, very deep breaths to relax and reflect before you face the day.


4. Zinn987

When I hear a song that I haven’t heard in a while that perfectly describes or relates to what I’m feeling.

5. Late_Night_Grumbler

Interesting conversations with fun people.

6. Drkwing_Duck

Finally keeping a decent amount of money and not immediately blowing it on stupid shit.


7. misscoleslaw

I was in line at the grocery store the other day, and a younger guy in front of me asked if he should buy chocolate Turtles, as he had never had them before. I told him that they’re delicious and worthy of his money, and then the cashier jumped in to describe the pleasure of eating a Turtle in racy and explicit detail. Both of us were just dying of laughter, and we somehow ended up asking her if she wrote fanfic. It was beautiful. I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

8. sneez09

Taking my bra off at the end of the day, best feeling ever.


9. FootballBatPlayer

My wife, my daughter, a good hamburger and Call of Duty.

10. EsquireKing

Nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than crushing the hopes and dreams of children on video games.


11. StickleyMan

Being the first one to break the seal on a new jar of peanut butter.

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certified su

12. Solytus

A beautiful day. Few things fill me with happiness like crisp air, bright sunlight, and birds chirping on a spring day.

13. bdmac

When somebody says “Oh, I finally get it!!”

I am a Math Teacher.


14. Kyekifino_hipster

I’m a simple man. I enjoy pretty dark-haired women, and breakfast foods.

15. vinkea

Once a month, our children and their spouses and their children come home for dinner. We crowd the place up, with tables in at least three different rooms, especially now that the grandchildren have started bringing their boyfriends and girlfriends. There is almost always singing — almost always a birthday to celebrate. The ten-years-old and younger bunch have little interest in dinner — we’ve debated on whether or not we should set up a table for them at all. They make a beeline for the backdoor; for the sandbox, the jungle gym, and the swing set. My children and their spouses crowd up at the kitchen table. Where the kids once jockeyed for elbow room and provoked each other on general principle, they now squeeze up to be together and provoke each other to laughter. Even after they all leave, the house has the feel of their presence, and I am happy.

16. astalius

Dopamine and Endorphins

17. Deadpool1205

I think the Happiest I am is when waking up without an alarm clock fairly early in the morning while camping, that smell of the dew, the noise of all the various animals and insects buzzing about. Throwing on a sweatshirt and popping myself down into a foldable yard chair and just taking everything in.

18. larrythellama

My dog Archimedes (Archie for short). He’s always SO excited to see me, and he’s always by my side. He’s always smiling, too. He isn’t big on licking or kisses, but if he knows I’m upset he’ll give me a few licks on the cheek and accept a kiss in return. It’s really sweet. He cuddles with me every night while I sleep, and doesn’t leave my side during the day. He’s probably the best part of my life. He was abandoned 5 times by homes who “adopted” him. I was only supposed to foster him, but after about a week I realized I needed him more than he needed me. I love my little Archie.

19. [deleted]

Losing myself in a good book, or a good TV series.

20. headiesmaster

Having a stocked fridge, and clean dishes.


21. AsAScientist

I love putting a lot of work into sewing or sculpting or painting something, and being able to see the end result.

22. aylina

Rainy days, blueberry muffin, earl grey, and Sherlock Holmes = perfect day

23. acciocrayola

The right balance of cereal and milk.


24. Diavond

Having my belly scratched, gets me every time. That and chasing sticks. Also the tinkle of the bell which means its food time, and being called a good boy. Barking at cars always makes me happy too

25. boogerflinger

Finding a delicious beer in the fridge that I didn’t know was there.

26. Tracy3366

Being alone.

27. Yesitzdaniel

Knowing that I’ve helped people.

28. [deleted]

Brand new socks straight out of the bag.


29. onaangenaam


30. Jacob19603

Standing in line at the DMV.

Just kidding.

Fuck this shit.

31. infinite_quest

I’ll quote Tolstoy here: “Nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor – such is my idea of happiness.”

32. knuklz

Back tickles…hhhnnnggggg…

33. TheMagicStik

Fapping… then I get very sad.

34. Rockdapenguin

To crush your enemies — See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

35. headstab

Very small rocks.


36. tonenine

My dad doesn’t know me or anyone else in his life, he has dementia and has had a stroke. He does however think my dog is his and he lights up like a Christmas tree when she is at his house. It makes me happy to see a man who was one of the finest human beings to ever pass through this realm, a guy who put his entire family on his back, smile and laugh. For a bonus the dog is from a shelter, win /win as they say. That and the thought of one day finding the woman I’d like to give myself and life’s work accumulation too, keeps me going.

37. raym0ndv2

Making a good omelet in the morning.


38. memechoi

Jumping into a pile of fresh warm laundry before folding.

39. Elir


40. omnichronos

Coffee. Honest. It LITERALLY makes me happy. If I haven’t had caffeine in a while I find myself excitedly happy about 15 minutes after ingesting a large coffee.


41. imakepies

Waking up in a panic thinking your late for work, then realising its Saturday before you have got out of bed.

42. Beyonces_Booty

Cute girls with puppies. They are the greatest thing ever.

43. beardedoji

Peeling the plastic protectors off new electronics.


44. eogi

I really love laundromats. Truly, I do.


45. theduffman88

I’m a 6 foot, 265 pound, hairy as fuck guy. I love being little spoon. Probably my favorite thing in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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