50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

21. enthos

I have this old ratty acoustic guitar that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I got it from my dad when I was 15 or 16. It was a nice beginner instrument but I eventually outgrew it.

When I finally purchased a new one, I decided to give the old one away, as it was cracked on the side but would still be useful for a child wanting to learn to play.

Late one night, several weeks later, I was driving home after visiting my dad who lives about 2 hours from my house. I needed gas to get all the way home so I pulled into this really shitty-looking gas station.

When I was done taking a piss in the bathroom, I decided to buy a drink. As I was paying for it, I glanced over at my truck. I noticed a face in the window, just staring back at me.

Seriously creeped out, I left the drink at the counter and walked out the front door and stood there. I yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY CAR, GET OUT!!” loud as shit.

Then the door of my car opens and I see this lanky dude get out and just book it. I wasn’t going to chase this mother fucker so I let him go and walked over to my truck.

First, I inspected it for damage. Seeing there was at least no superficial damage, I very cautiously got into it and turned the lights on. Nothing appeared to be damaged or stolen. Looking in the back seats, I noticed something wrapped up in a blanket.

When I unwrapped it, I couldn’t fucking believe I was once again in possession of my old cracked guitar, and stuck on the front was a note. It said, “you need this more than I do.” That’s it.

So to this day I have no clue who that guy was, why he had my guitar, and what the note meant. Just a really really creepy story I guess.

22. [deleted]

My friend Shaggy and I were hanging out one day and we can across this thing people call a “magnet”. If you took the magnet and put it next to anything metal it would stick to it. It was sort of like a metal detector or something. Someone in a lab coat tried to explain it to us, but those people lie a lot so I’m pretty sure it’s a miracle.


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