10 Creepy And Fascinating Videos You Should Watch If You Don’t Want To Get Any Sleep

There’s nothing quite like watching really creepy and attention-grabbing videos late at night and feeling a silent breeze crawl up your leg.

1. Cropsey

As you might have inferred from the full documentary, Cropsey is an urban legend in Staten Island. Cropsey has been attributed to a man named Andre Rand after his arrest in 1987. He worked as a custodian on a Staten Island school. The school was shut down in 1972, yet people saw Rand in and out of the forest surrounding the school. He was convicted of kidnapping two girls.

2. The Imposter

Just imagine if your son (or brother) disappears for three years and is found all of a sudden, in Spain of all places, completely different from the person that you once knew? Because, you know, it really might not be him.

3. Aoikigahara

Japanese suicide forest. A documentary by Vice. Lots of weird, paranormal things have happened in this forest.

4. Kursk Tragedy

In 2000, a USSR submarine exploded, killing all 118 sailors and officers aboard.

5. Dark Days

Really interesting documentary on the homeless.

6. Ghosts Of The Underground

Goddamn, there’s subway ghosts. GODDAMN. Waiting alone on the platform is going to be hella scary now.

7. The Tunnel

This is actually a documentary-style movie. It’s actually quite scary because of how realistic it first seemed.

8. An Interview With A Cannibal

This Vice documentary does an extremely haunting job capturing Issei Sagawa and his crime.

9. Child Of Rage

Child of Rage is a CBS Television movie made in 1992 starring Ashley Peldon and Mel Harris. The film is based on the true story of Beth Thomas, who suffered from reactive attachment disorder as a result of being sexually abused as a child. (Wikipedia)

10. Just Melvin, Just Evil

“Just Melvin, Just Evil” is a very hard to find documentary about the tormented family of Melvin Just, a man almost too evil to be believed.” (Arin Kambitsis) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – Daniele Zedda

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