Cat Soup: Cartoon Or Work Of Art?

Cat Soup, or Nekojiru-so (ねこぢる草) is a surrealist 33-minute animated video that follows the story of Nyatta and Nyāko.

It explores man’s existence on Earth while touching on Buddhist philosophy — just two of many themes that are explored.




There is hardly any dialogue in the video. Everything, you must infer from the situation and actions performed by the characters.

I personally felt affected by the video — I have a younger brother who is best friend (and future best man — sorry, Paul). Relative to Grave Of The Fireflies, this got me thinking about fraternal bonds and the love of brotherhood/sisterhood because clearly, this short film explores that — the length and amount of hardship one would endure (even as an anthropomorphic cat) to try and save a loved one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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