41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

24. sockshot

Happened to me a few months ago. I have an intense fear of heights, like hugely intense. So a few months ago i had a party on top of an apartment block in a penthouse and I made sure I was very very far from the edge. There were these 2 complete assholes from the grade above me who knew about my fear, so when they were pretty drunk they overpowered my and leaned me over the edge of a balcony up to the stomach level. Now these guys are pretty wasted and we are a good 30 floors up. I passed out from fear thinking I was going to die and woke up 2 hours later to find the two guys beaten up and kicked out, and I was still shaking pretty fucking violently. This was literally one of my worst nightmares come true.

25. Eshlau

I was raped when I was 16 and a sophomore in high school by an older classmate. My “friend” and her boyfriend were there that night, and had a hand in the event taking place.

I saw a school friend, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s cousin (I did not know the 2 guys) at a local restaurant, and she talked about how we never hung out, so we made some plans to hang out that night. I was told we were going over to one of the guy’s houses to watch a movie and eat pizza with a bunch of other kids. Being 16, I assumed this meant someone’s parent’s house, so I went along.

When we got there (they picked me up and drove), I realized that this was a one-bedroom apartment the 2 guys shared, and that they were actually older than I thought (they were like 19 and 21 but still somehow in high school). This was before kids had cell phones, so unless one of them drove me home, I had no way of leaving (there’s a lot more to this part, but for the sake of reading, I will leave it at that).

Long story short, everyone but me starts drinking as I nervously try to ignore that this guy (the cousin) is hitting on me hardcore. Because I am 16 and stupid and invincible, I fell for him talking me into going into the bedroom with him to talk, since my “friend” and her boyfriend started making out on the floor of the living room. Shortly after, he forced himself on me. He was much larger and stronger than me, and, being 16 and stupid and a “good kid,” I tried to talk him out of it at first, at one point telling him that my friend and her boyfriend in the living room were going to hear what was happening and come in or call the cops. He then laughed and said that there was no one else in the apartment. Turns out that they had an agreement that as soon as he got me in the bedroom, they were supposed to leave. And they did.

I once saw a horrible video depicting this sheep at a game reserve that had been backed up to a fence and was being shot over and over again with arrows by a novice hunter while it just bleated and looked past the fence. At the moment he said that, I felt exactly like that sheep.

Over the years I’ve always told myself that my friend and her boyfriend must not have known exactly what would happen, or they wouldn’t have left me there with him. But I know they probably did, and they were fine with it. I still cannot imagine how two people could be so cold and allow something like that to happen to someone who did nothing to them but be nice and naive and young.

26. HelpMeLoseMyFat

Going through homes in Iraq, clearing them.

Saw father shoot his own family then himself, rather than let us help him.

Two 8-9 year old children.


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