41 Short Stories Of Unforgettable Evil From 41 People

34. kr2c

There’s a bar near where I live in Michigan that I have been to exactly three times. First time: car broken into, dead grampa’s golf clubs stolen from it. Second time: five friends wrongly accused of rape (the accuser is still in prison, doesn’t pay to make that up) Third time: my car got stolen within 10 minutes of arriving at the bar, thieves crash it into patrol car and run. I’m later arrested as a result for leaving the scene of an accident and felony assault on a peace officer (car as deadly weapon) by the same cop who had written my stolen car report. He had zero recollection of me 2 hours after completing the report, and I spent two days in jail. Evil? It lives at Shorty’s Bar and Grill.

35. monkeysheet

Psychotic neighbor. Everyone in the neighborhood was terrified of him.

One night, his very pregnant wife is seen flying down the road in their van with him hot on her ass in his pickup trying to pull her over. She stops right in front of our driveway, gets out and tries to run towards our house, but it’s too late. He snatches a handful of her hair and jerks her off her feet, slamming her into the ground. As we’re calling 911, we can see him absolutely brutalizing her – punching, kicking, stomping – we yell out the door for him to stop, he’s killing her, but he threatens to kill us, too, so we stay inside, because we know he’d make good on the threat.

Cops show up, but he’s already gone, his wife a battered mess in the middle of the road. Later, we found out she’d lost one of the twins she was carrying and the other came out with a deformed face from the beating. She went back to him after her hospital stay and refused to press charges, just like all the other times he’d beaten her senseless. Bonus story: He left a bag of severed puppy heads on the back porch for his own children to find as punishment for not doing their chores.

36. masticating_1handed

My best friend got beat up by a group of guys over a cigarette, they asked her for one and she said no. Her cheekbone was broken, needed stitches. Whilst trying to run away she tried to flag down a passing taxi for help but it just drove past her. She somehow made it to near her house and her neighbor came out with a bat and the fuckers ran away.

She’s been the victim of at least 2 hit and runs.

She’s witnessed some other horrific shit too. She’s probably seen enough to cover an AMA. But she’s a tough cookie.

37. imaketoast

I watched a kid from my school bury a cat up to its neck, and then run it over with a lawn mower. I couldn’t think straight for a week.


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