30 Totally Strange Facts That May Just Blow Your Mind

Please, take my brain out to dinner before caressing it with your facts.

1. Milk is lactation from another animal and we drink it…liberally. Would you drink your friend’s mother’s milk? You…you would…?

Must...drink...before...they...take...it...away.... image - jenny downing
image – jenny downing

2. If you think that the the world is round, you are correct — but did you notice that I used “the” twice?

3. Click here. You’ll see two squares in different colors. Nope. They’re both the same. Try covering the board with your hands, but just leave squares A and B in sight. You’ll see what I mean.

4. The thing we think with, it named itself.

5. Mario hits blocks with his hand, not his head. Yeah, I gasped when I found out too.

6. We all have blind spots.

7. The Chinese civilization is more than 4,000 years old.

It's as old as it is long. Heh. image - matt512
It’s as old as it is long. Heh.
image – matt512

8. Hitler [might have] had one testicle to play with.

9. We haven’t really stepped foot on the Moon — technically, we used a space suit, so our bare feet did not kiss the surface of the Moon.

10. If you do the math, 1 million seconds = 11 days, but 1 billion = 31 years. What?

11. More people died from the the influenza pandemic in 1918 than from World War I.

That's good news — right? image - Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections
That’s good news — right?
image – Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections

12. There have been more Simpson episodes with Maude Flanders dead than with her alive.

13. Cleopatra lived nearer to the date of the moon landing than to the construction of the great pyramid.

14. The last WWII Japanese soldier surrendered in 1974.

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15. Pigeon-guided missiles.

"I'm coming for you fuckers!"  image - zigazou76
“I’m coming for you fuckers!”
image – zigazou76

16. Suicide bombing dogs.

17. Flaming pigs to counter elephants. Also, bacon for later.

18. Fire bats (no, not a Starcraft reference).

19. A bear terrorized a Japanese village during winter.

"COME FUCKING HUG ME!!!"  image - ralph and jenny
image – ralph and jenny

20. A huge bridge was constructed to lay siege on Tyre.

21. Facebook will become the most accessible obituary.

22. The word “bed” looks like a bed.

23. Mississippi formally ratifies the 13th Amendment in 1995. Seriously?

24. A supposedly now-extinct plant was used to aid in abortions.

25. Math in its entirety.

26. This guy saw the Civil War start on his front lawn and end in his parlor.

27. This man witnessed two atomic bombings and survived them.

28. When it comes down to it, cleaning is really just putting objects somewhere else.

Uhh, where did you move the couch? image - markpasc
Uhh, where did you move the couch?
image – markpasc

29. People are dying as you read this sentence.

30. Babies are entering this world as you read this sentence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – xamad

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