15 Classic Game Boy Games That You Probably Really Miss Right Now

Note that I’m referring to the Original Game Boy — which would only fit in your pocket if you woke cargo shorts all the time — and the Game Boy Pocket (and maybe Color).
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So what if you can play it on an emulator — so what if you have a ROM version of all of the games every made? Nothing beats the original Game Boy in your hand. Nothing beats watching that screen flicker and the red battery light come to life and nothing showing up on the screen because you need to blow on the end of the cartridge first. Come on, this is the old times that we’re always clamoring about. REMEMBER IT. CHERISH IT. LOVE IT. CDs have nothing on these old Nintendo games.

And If I could, I’d list all of these at No. 1. They’re not in any particular order, so don’t get huffy with me.

1. Donkey Kong


It was the arcade version brought into your hand. You, as Mario, went to save Pauline from the evil ape, Donkey Kong. Remember when DK Jr. would pop out and try to fuck with you? Well, guess what folks, if you have the game, HOLD ON TO IT FOR DEAR LIFE. It costs basically $200 to get it on Amazon now. Can you believe that?

2. Pokemon Red/Blue

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All. Seriously. Who spent hours playing this game? I did. I literally sat in my room one weekend and played until the batteries I had put in that morning died later that night. Intense gaming at its best. Did you close your eyes and hear the Pokemon Center song? I can hear it now. Oh GOD I’m going crazy. Remember Cinnabar Island and the Missingno. Remember them well…

3. Pokemon Yellow


It was the same thing, except totally different. You followed the Pokemon anime and Pikachu actually followed you. I bet you that you thought it was the coolest thing in the world — I sure did. Now, if we want to catch all of these special games, we’ll be shelling out more than $1000 in total.

4. Legend of Zelda — Link’s Awakening

Just take moment and close your eyes.


Side note: I’ve noticed that it’s common for you — the protagonist — to start out in bed, in a room, always on the second floor. Check out Chrono Trigger, Pokemon series, LoZ series, and so on.

5. Final Fantasy Adventure


As probably one of the best RPG games ever created ever — I get goosebumps listening to the soundtrack.

6. Kirby’s Dream Land


This cute pink bubblegum-like creature captured the hearts and imaginations of many of us at the time. I remember that a lot of people that I played Super Smash Bros. against chose Kirby (those n00bs).

7. Wario Land II


The evil opposite of Mario, Wario is this fat greedy guy that uses his mass to break shit and pwn creatures. In Wario Land II, Wario gets his money stolen and so he tries to get them back. The bad thing was that I couldn’t save in this game. Just like Bugs Bunny: The Crazy Castle.

8. Super Mario Land


Okay — just watch this and let your jaw drop.

9. Metroid


Remember when Nintendo revealed that Samus is a girl?

10. Tetris


Growing up, I never liked Tetris, but today, when I start, I can’t put it down. Is it possible to grow into one’s Asian-ness? Don’t answer that. I swear I’ll backhand you.

11. Castlevania


To be honest, I stayed away from games like this. I’m not sure why, but a lot of my friends were crazy about it. Good for them, I say, because it’s definitely one of the classics.

12. Megaman


From the Mega Man cartoon to Mega Man action figures, this little guy decked out in blue was a fan favorite for a while in the 90s.

13. Harvest Moon


One of the most addicting games that I have ever played in my life aside from Pokemon.

14. Bugs Bunny: The Crazy Castle


The worst game to have ever played if you had like 2 minutes to play. You couldn’t save — you used passwords. Did you write your passwords down? I did somewhere. But then the internet came rolling around and I found CheatPlanet.

15. James Bond 007


Everyone knows the N64 version, but did you have this one? Hah, I bet you did. There’s nothing quite like shooting pixels at dark blobs, I say. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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