11 Movies That You Probably Regretted Watching When You Were Growing Up In The 90s

I was scared of dolls for the longest time, no matter what they looked like.

1. Chuckie: Child’s Play 3


Oh man, I was seriously freaked out at the thought of a serial killer taking residence in a doll. I’m pretty sure I put all my toys in a box after I saw this movie. Is that what they were playing at? Using fear to have kids clean up their rooms?

2. Leprechaun


Believe it or not, this movie is the reason why I gave up Lucky Charms, the cereal.

3. The Exorcist


Guess where I saw this. Church. That’s right. Korean church goers are FASCINATED by horror flicks.

4. It


Thanks Mr. King, you jerk. (Are You Afraid Of The Dark didn’t help with people with clown phobias, either…)

5. The Omen


I cried when I saw this. No joke.

6. Critters 3


Check under your bed…

7. Dead Alive


Look both ways before leaving your house…

8. Beetlejuice


Check in your closet…

9. Candyman


Hide under your covers…

10. Jurassic Park


Never think about dinosaurs the same way again.

11. Poltergeist


So what if it’s from 1982. I was forced to watch this at my after school program — they were all horror movie junkies. I was just a kid, goddammit! JUST A KID. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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