10 Incredibly Harrowing Documentaries/ Mockumentaries You Need To Watch

Life looks bleak after all this. For more creepy reads and videos, check this out.

1. The Curse


Or in Japanese: Noroi, this found-footage style documentary that’s actually a movie is directed by Koji Shiraishi. The main cast numbers well over 20, and the plot itself is incredibly complex.

2. Deliver Us From Evil


This documentary tells the true story of a priest that molested and raped 25 children from the 1970s to 1990s. That is truly horrifying.

3. Titicut Follies


A documentary was made in 1967 about the criminally insane housed in Bridgewater State Hospital. To be able to have a peek, no matter how small, of the state of the inmates’ minds is still incredibly unnerving.

4. Lake Mungo


A horror mockumentary, Lake Mungo details the haunting events the take place after a young girl drowns in a nearby lake.

5. Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children


An absolutely heartbreaking documentary that provided an insight to the conditions of a Bulgarian care home.. When the BBC aired this, the nation mobilized to save these children and petitioned the government to help aid them.

6. Philosophy of a Knife


A Russian-American horror film that uses archival footage to depict the atrocities of Unit 731, Japan’s covert biological and chemical warfare research development unit.

7. Sound of Insects


A man slowly starves himself in the forest. The documentary is based on his diary.

8. The Killing Of America


A little dated, but it captures the decline of America. Prepare yourself.

9. Camp 14: Total Control Zone


An insight into the prison camps of the North Korean regime.

10. Snuff: A Documentary About Killing on Camera


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