8 Of The Most Perkiest Boobs From 90s TV

Breasts. Women love them, men love them, children love them, best of all, producers love them. Perky breasts are synonymous with television in the 90s and I compiled the eight best — although not in order — breasts of the pre-noughties.

1. Melissa Joan-Hart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Step aside Aunt Zelda, Aunt Hilda, Sabrina is here to charm the pants off all of us. Sabrina, that top might be a bit too tight for you, but you managed to stay on the air (and in our thoughts) for seven magical years.

2. Danielle Fishel, Boy Meets World


Oh Topanga, you were the reason why all of us boys used to watch Boy Meets World.

3. Karyn Parsons, Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Hilary might have been the most underrated character in the show, especially since Will Smith’s one-liners and antics and the dance routine of Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) stole the show. There was an episode where Hilary and Carlton messaged each other online thinking they were going on a date with someone they met on the Internet only to find out they were messaging each other. HILARIOUS. Only problem is… she wore suits. Damn you Uncle Phil! (Producer’s Note: Guess we can’t say anything about Ashley’s underage boobies…).

4. Fran Drescher, The Nanny


Wait, just watch the video on mute, you’ll see what I mean. She also had some ridiculous hair.

5. Katie Holmes, Dawson’s Creek


Josephine “Joey” Potter was one of the most adorable faces on television at that time. How she ended up with Tom Cruise, we’ll never know. Fun fact: she’s the only cast member to have appeared in every episode.

6. Jennifer Aniston, Friends


When she played that coffeehouse waitress (or barista) at Central Perk, I’m pretty sure our attention was focused on her. You know what, I think attention just gravitates towards her no matter what.

7. Christina Applegate, Married with Children


Kelly Bundy was the promiscuous daughter that every parent would love to not ever have. From Kelly’s blonde hair to her inability to pronounce words, who wouldn’t love to meet a girl like her? Check her out bowling in a skin-tight top and in what looks like a leather dress.

8. Jessica Biel, 7th Heaven



Goody-two shoes Mary Camden wasn’t so angelic when she posed semi naked for Gear. Check her rebellious phase out in the short Youtube promo kissing people left and right. No wonder she was sent to Buffalo. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – YouTube

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