12 Life Hacks That You Should Use To Impress Your Mother

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see my mother (God bless her!), I always take a seat because she always lays down some knowledge to use around the house. Well guess what MOM. I’m on the INTERNET and you’re NOT. Michael: 12, Moms: ∞

1. Use binder clips.

image - JD Hancock
image – JD Hancock

Use them to sort cables around your desk.

2. Put pancake mix into plastic ketchup squeeze bottles.

Your mom might say something like, “You ate all that ketchup by yourself?” But hey, this means perfect pancakes for your loving mother, right?

3. Use hair straighteners to keep your collars fresh.

image - Dani P.L.
image – Dani P.L.

If you have a hair straightener (you will if you have a girlfriend), you can totally use that bad boy to straighten your collars and keep it looking nice AND get your hair straight. (I can’t make my hair any straighter, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.)

4. Fold your clothes and store them vertically in your dresser.

My mother will check the drawers, that’s just who she is. She needs to know EVERYTHING. So, impress her with this visualization technique. She’ll see all the shirts you wear at one go.

5. Don’t throw out bread clips. Use them to separate cables.

You can even color code them. How neat-o!

6. Toilet paper rolls, they are versatile.

image - jessicareeder
image – jessicareeder

They’re not just to hold toilet paper in place. They can hold wrapping paper in place too. If you have rodents, give them rolls for them to run through or chew on.

7. Use vinegar to clean surfaces.

To make your shower head running smoothly again, pour some vinegar into a zip-loc bag and tie it around the shower head. It’ll get that gunk out overnight.

8. Coca cola cleans surfaces too.

Dirty toilet bowl? Pour some cola in there. Leave it overnight. Don’t let the dog near it.

9. Use floss to cut things.

image – Yogma

Seriously. Instead of a knife, use floss. It will cut cake far easier than knives will.

10. Have extra pants hangars?

Use them as book holders. Cookbook holders. Or break the ends off and use them as bag clips.

11. Cut up tennis balls.

image - Horia Varlan
image – Horia Varlan

Use them as mail holders or key holders. Put eyes on them to make them look cute…or creepy.

12. Opened up a box of spaghetti?

Use a Pringles can to store the rest. Just eat the Pringles first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – Moyan_Brenn

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