9 GIFs That Will Make You Want To Go To Sleep…With Cats

We’ve always thought that Mondays — or “Moandays” — were the worst, because you know, the WEEKEND, but it turns out that that’s not actually true.

For some reason, it’s been cited that Wednesday is the most depressing day of the week. We feel bogged down with work and because it’s only just the middle of the week, we’re sitting at our desks pulling at our hair and shouting at the ceiling, “WHEN WILL THIS WEEK END?” Okay, maybe not shouting at the ceiling, but we’re definitely doing this on Twitter and on Facebook — don’t let your boss see your status update.

So, here we are, to help you get over this Wednesday slump.

With cats.

Sleepy cats.

I mean, don’t we feel like this at work sometimes?

9 Cat GIFs

Or just do this on our keyboards.

9 Cat GIFs

9 Cat GIFs

And then lunchtime comes around…but we’re still dreaming about our beds and this.

9 Cat GIFs

And when it’s is over, we’re struggling to get out from our chairs to get back to work, but we feel like this instead.

9 Cat GIFs

Then we’re sitting at our desks looking like this.

9 Cat GIFs

And still dreaming…

9 Cat GIFs

But you’re at work. Liven up!

9 Cat GIFs

And please, don’t end up like this when it’s time to go home.

9 Cat GIFs

Suck on that Oliver! TC mark

image – Daniel Guimarães

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