Hey So Here’s A Taylor Swift Song For Every Phase Of Your Breakup

Like it or not, there are very few experiences quite as universal as the broken heart. The act of loving another person, and receiving love in return, is more difficult than it seems, and nobody’s immune from the mess.

Enter Taylor Swift, an artist whose career has pretty widely centered on working to put love and heartbreak into words.

So, friends, here’s a collection of eight Taylor Swift tracks (courtesy of YouTube), each designated for a specific phase of the breakup journey. Here’s to the mending, messy though it may be.

1. Out of the Woods (live)

For when it’s all so fresh, and their side of the bed still feels empty, and you just need to ache through it –– the loss, the quiet, all of it.

2. Come Back…Be Here

For the days when, goddammit, you just want them to show up
and stay, whether it’s good for you or not.

3. Look What You Made Me Do

When you’re feeling petty, feeling yourself, and –– to be honest –– feeling pretty vocal about it.

4. Blank Space

When you’re feeling good enough to dress up, go out,
and see what’s out there, but you probably shouldn’t get too deep just yet.

5. We Are Never Getting / Bad Blood (mash-up)

For when your ex tries to stay relevant in your life but, honestly, you’ve closed that door.

6. Clean

When you’re standing again, breathing again, and not all of you feels stained with sadness anymore.

7. Holy Ground

When enough time has passed that you can look back, with a smile, and remember the happy parts again.

8. Begin Again

When somebody comes around and helps you stop looking back and, finally, start looking ahead.

And remember, my friends, that you are not alone in your heartbreak. With steady steps, you will mend and move ahead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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