12 Inspirational Quotes That Made Me A Better Person


If it wasn’t for sharp-witted words from insightful folks I probably would not even be here. Believe me when I say I’ve been through some extended rough patches. Life isn’t all flowers, hugs and tug j’s. That’s why we need inspirational quotes to make it through the trauma.

Here are some nurturing excerpts from people much wiser than myself which have helped me make it through the toughest of times and become a better man.

“Nobody’s here to cater to you, pussy.”

Indeed, it isn’t all about me. The name-calling wasn’t completely necessary, but those words taught me only I can make myself happy. We are responsible for our own joy and shouldn’t rely on others for satisfaction.

“Save some ham for the rest of us!”

When I’m getting gluttonous I think back to that occasion when I tried eating all the ham.

“There are women with luscious booties everywhere.”

So true and vital to keep in mind. Why sit around feeling demoralized over a breakup when there’s thick black ass around every corner?

“Stop drinking.”

Alcohol, once my friend and foe, gradually become only the latter. It was the route of all my troubles. Removing it was my solution, and encouragement for a better way of life. If you have a vice, work to get rid of it.

“Bitch I’m doin me, you should be yourself.”

The Chiraq prophet Lil’ Reese is responsible for these words of wisdom. The presentation is vulgar but the message has true meaning.

“Grow a sack.”

At times I do truly need the reminder I’m a man. When I’m using too much under-eye roller to reduce puffiness or letting my emotions run wild, I remember this phrase.

“Call yourself a skinny hopeless loser enough and you’ll start to believe it.”

For years I had myself convinced I was a skinny hopeless loser. Well guess what, dad, I’m NOT! I’m a very strong individual with great promise. My pecs are growing at a frightening rate and I’m paving the way for a phenomenal future.

“Those bananas are green as hell don’t eat them.”

Certainly sound advice in relevance to bananas, but it applies to all areas of life. We must all practice patience. Don’t rush into things and lovely outcomes will take place. Bananas will soon yellow and become far more delicious, just as a better job opportunity or relationship will come your way.

“Your poop smells awful.”

I am no better than anyone else. If we stopped judging and comparing ourselves to others we would likely be far cheerier. Also everyone’s poop smells bad.

“Your one nipple has abnormally long hairs.”

My nipple hair length and ratio certainly isn’t perfect, and neither am I. Nor is anybody for that matter. We can’t please everyone. We can only be comfortable with ourselves. That high-self esteem shows and presumably makes us more attractive to the opposite sex.

“Get up and stop crying you little homo.”

This was said to me after I tripped in the midst of an excited sprint towards the monkeys at the Philadelphia Zoo. Thanks for the uplifting words, Dad. They showed me that getting up after the fall is far more important than the fall itself. Rough times only make us stronger.

“Grandma probably knows how to dispose of a corpse, ask her.”

I now know you should never have too much pride to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask family or friends when you have a question or reasonable favor. Your ego isn’t as crucial as your well-being. Don’t go rafting in Wacinpok Creek. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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