Things From Childhood That Need To Make A Comeback

There were simpler times where things existed that made our lives better, more meaningful. These are the things that need to come back.

Pinky Promises

If you broke a pinky promise, you had to cut off your pinky. These were the circumstances under which we all submitted while we were in third grade. Pinky swears signaled a time where promises were more important; people meant their promises. Pinky swears were almost a primordial promise. There used to be sacrifices if the promise was broken. You could only break two pinky promises before people didn’t trust you anymore.

Blood Brothers (Sisters)

These existed before the fear of disease and the mixing of blood types. You would prick your finger and your friend would prick their finger and you would rub your fingers together. It was a strange sanguine intercourse, but it meant something. You were a part of that person. Your blood was in their body and their blood was in your body. You were closer than you ever were before. These were the parts of movies we wanted to recreate with our friends, but we could never bring ourselves to take a knife and make that cut.

Pen Pals

Your pen pals knew all of your favorite things. This is because in third grade, these are the only things you know about yourself. Being friends with your pen pal was easy and sometimes you sent them pictures of you and your family. You would talk about your favorite type of pizza and your pen pal would validate this feeling for you. Getting a letter from your pen pal was the best feeling you ever had in third grade. You were disappointed when your teacher said that you were going to stop being pen pals. This was a friendship you wish had never ended.


This is not about the 1970s television series. MASH was a game you would play in the back of the classroom in elementary school. It made you feel dirty. This was when the future only existed as a living space, a spouse, a car, and an occupation. You picked a number and then your friend made marks next to the choices and soon your future was decided. You always secretly hoped your friend would drive a wagon while you got something cool like a Ferrari, even though you didn’t know was a Ferrari was.

Field Trips

You always had the same seat on the bus. It was usually in the back, far away from any chaperones. You would sit next to your best friend and you would talk and try to make holes in the seats using only your pencils. It took two people to shut the windows. These were the days where your mom gave you money to buy lunch at the museum. These were the days where you could fill out the worksheet in 15 minutes and spend the next 4 hours wandering around the museum. These were the days where you were fascinated with Ancient Egypt and stared into the face of a mummy for 15 minutes straight, and it never blinked, and you thought that was weird. TC mark

image – Kevin Dooley


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  • Emma

    I want Australian kids shows back. Genie from Down Under. Ocean Girl. Lift Off.
    Also friendship bracelets, and playing cops & robbers.

  • Damen Handle

    I miss field trips! My favorite one was in first grade, when we went to the recycling plant, and my mom was a chaperone. I had no clue she was coming along and she surprised me! I was so proud to hold her hand that day.

    • Marina

      Omg you must share that with her <3 <3 <3

  • Kendall


  • Sarah

    The field trip section is spot on.

  • Meera Shah

    “it took two people to shut the windows” 

    idk why, but this makes me wanna cry!

  • guest

    “These were the days where your mom gave you money to buy lunch at the museum.”

    …or a Lunchable, which to me was even better.

    • Scott Muska

      A pizza Lunchable? Those were excellent.

      • guest

        oh, of course. cold pitas and sauce? amazing.

  • Marina

    Fantastic sir! Right on the dot for me lol. Except w/ pinky promises it wasn’t cutting off the finger but breaking it. Haha the small things in life.
    – @mcoddaire

  • Sophia

    This is so spot on. Oh simple things, where have you gone?

  • Rebecca

    Even better than MASH: MASH IT, with the addition of “igloo” and “treehouse” as living spaces.

  • Bagwella

    Does anyone remember playing ZAP in school?

    • Jordana Bevan

      DUDE! bringing it back

  • NoSexCity

    Forget blood-brothers, I want to go all Angelina Jolie and get a vial to wear around my neck. Because nothing says I love you forever like… blood? Spooky.

  • Lrz

    I’m one step ahead of you- i courted a guy at a party by saying “we should be penpals”, and his phone number came later ;)

    (a year later we’re still together and still exchanging letters!)

  • Rachel Butters Scotch

    Needing two people to close the bus windows was some of the most meaningful contact I had between my peers, unbeknownst to me until now.

  • Laura

    I got such a clear image of the bus, and the way the cold metal felt on those heavy windows…and the rubbery seats where you could feel the springs on your butt….and if the bus driver was cool he/she would decorate the bus walls with sticky pictures for each holiday. Thanks for bringing those memories back.

  • Jordana Bevan

    field trips

    • Jordana Bevan

      responses to this = so indicative of how much longer we should be children and not have to get old and ‘mature’

  • Guest

    the adult version of the pinky promise is the “penis in vagina” promise, except no one keeps that promise.

  • Maria T

    MASH! I forgot it existed! 

  • Tori

    …..I still do most of these things. Save the field trips. And the gross bodily fluid exchange. We used to do spit because we never wanted to cut ourselves. But my friends and I play MASH and make pinky promises and have pen pals (more or less). It makes life more fun, IMO.

  • Lil_apple_blossom

    Me and my best friend still pinky promise on anything we consider important. It’s nice to know that lasted from when I was little.

  • Anonymous
  • Megan Marquez

    Always be wary of people without pinkies because you know they’ve broken a pinky promise one too many times. 

  • jerry

    I have a bunch of pen pals, like, 5 or 6, all across the country…I never knew it was a thing that went away.
    Also I still make pinky promises, but only in times of desperate need, for that’s a really serious promise.

    • mp90909

      If you think about it, pen pals still exist, just in another medium. How many of you have friends on Twitter or Tumblr who you don’t know in IRL aside from tweets and reblogs?

  • Christyn

    Heads up, Seven up.

  • Anonymous

    We never bought lunch at the field trip, but God help you if you were the sorry bastard whose mom didn’t love him enough to pack a Lunchable.

  • Anonymous
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