11 All-Too-Real Struggles Every ENTP Can Relate To

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“The Debater,” this is what ENTPs are commonly called. Not so long ago, I discovered that I belong to this group of “Debaters.” Out of the 16 personalities, I happen to be an ENTP-T. While being an introvert is a struggle to most people, being an extrovert is one hell of a struggle too.

Here are some things I discovered being an ENTP:

1. ENTPs are up to debate anytime. Our greatest sports would always be debating. Well, ENTPs are not called “Debaters” for no reason. We love to argue. And most of the times we wouldn’t care if we’re wrong or right, what matters is we win the debate. This is true especially with philosophical topics that are just based on personal views and opinions. So unless you can present us proven facts, we can in no way accept defeat.

2. ENTPs can never lose. We can’t accept defeat and we will never be defeated. We are the worst losers on earth. We will do everything, and I mean everything, just to win. And even if you feel like you’re already winning, we have a methodical way of making you feel like we won, and you lose.

3. ENTPs are insensitive. We have this capability to play around with words that we hardly consider the impact our words may have on the people around us. We love to talk, and sometimes we’re not aware that we’re already talking too much. We tend to offend people and believe me when I say that we don’t mean it. We realize we’ve offended someone when it’s already too late.

4. ENTPs are indecisive. We believe that we’re superheroes and that we can be, say and do almost anything. Which is why most of the times we can’t seem to decide quickly on what choices we are going to make. Or we can’t even stick to our decisions. And this doesn’t only pertain to big decisions in life, but even to small ones. Like if we’re going to do the dishes first, or the laundry?

5. ENTPs never know how to shut up. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we love to talk! Which is why we can be annoying. We will never shut up, not until you agree with what we’re saying, or not until we’re done with the last minute details of our story. And when we talk, nope, you can’t cut us off. That’s disrespectful to us. You should let us talk. We wouldn’t really care what your response will be as long as you listen to us talk about what happened last night, or the other night, or even if we’ve repeated the same story over again.

6. ENTPs are brutally honest. Although we are insensitive by chance, we can also be insensitive by choice. We wouldn’t care if you cry but we will tell you the truth. “Truth hurts, but it will set you free” will always be our undying excuse once we told you the hurting truth.

7. ENTPs are always looking for challenges. We get bored easily, and because we always think that we can do anything, we would always look for something to do (even if we’re not yet done with what we’re currently doing). We would jump from one task to another. We are constantly searching for the next challenge and are mentally debating and analysing the world around us.

8. ENTPs put the pro in procrastination. We can do anything which also means we can do it anytime we want. Some call it procrastination, we call it scheduled strokes of genius.

9. ENTPs plan a lot, but do not follow them. We list everything we wanted to accomplish throughout the day, the month or the year. But we won’t do all of them. Planning is a fun activity for ENTPs but turning all those plans to reality are nearly impossible.

10. ENTPs are introverted extroverts. We love being surrounded with people but also seek the solace of being alone. And sometimes we can’t balance where we really want to be.

11. ENTPs always feel superior to others. We are super outgoing, super smart, super dominant, and super intimidating. And sometimes it’s just really too much.

Being an ENTP is fun but difficult. We are a bunch of amazingly insane individuals. But even if we are almost impossible to get along with, or may seem unlovable, we are genuine people. We are a living irony that adds balance to life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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