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The Importance Of Being Orgy

Eventually I let go of trying to figure it out, flowing or not flowing, who knows, and simply enjoyed what we were all there to enjoy, what we’re always here to enjoy.

The Legend Of Chernobyl Mauseu

One day, two friends were walking down the back streets of a small South Korean island town. They were on their way to a pool, which was consistently the color of Chrysanthemum tea, yellow with flowery pee.

4 Stages Of Writing That You Haven’t Noticed, But Now Will Be Aware Of After Reading This

If this stage were an image, it would be a galaxy, made out of love-sloths (every time you kiss someone, a love-sloth gets a space suit) and they’re slowly eating Pop Rocks in their space suits for all eternity, and their furry stomachs continue popping in their slothy space suits, as supernovae, over and over until all you can do is sing and fly and cry with them, but never die…