25 Unfortunate Reasons Being An Eternally Single Girl Sucks

Flickr / Andrea Rose
Flickr / Andrea Rose

1. Watching Chick Flicks is torture.

2. Reading romance books and love stories makes you feel sorrier for yourself.

3. You hate having to say ‘table for 1’ when you eat at a restaurant.

4. You just want to feel wanted and needed by someone.

5. The people you like are usually taken, douchebags, gay or straight. It’s like the world is conspiring that you stay single forever.

6. Your friends set you up with dates (which you hate because the people they set you up with are really not your type).

7. You wonder everyday when you’ll find that special someone and you can’t get that thought out of the back of your mind.

8. You don’t have anyone to impress. Maybe you’re wearing a really nice dress that hugs your body at all the right places or maybe you’re wearing a suit that simply looks amazing on you but you don’t have anyone you want to look good for.

9. You start to plan your future living the single life. You dwell on the possibility that maybe you might end up like one of those old ladies who live alone with a hundred cats or those old men who sit at their porch on a rocking chair staring blindly into space all day thinking about the life he could’ve had if he wasn’t single.

10. Your family and friends don’t even bother asking if you’re dating someone, because they know you’re not.

11. You’re Facebook status is still ‘single’

12. You’ve never experienced the things normal couples do.

13. You feel like there’s something wrong with you because you wonder why you’re still single

14. You don’t get to experience cuddling while watching Netflix (or making out while Netflix is playing on your laptop).

15. You envy couples everywhere. You might not notice it but sometimes you just can’t help but stare at them in a restaurant or at the mall thinking that you deserve something like that.

16. You don’t have a Valentine’s date. Maybe you’ll receive chocolates or flowers from friends and family, but not from that special someone.

17. You don’t have anyone to pour your heart out to at 3 in the morning and talk about the deep stuff.

18. No dinner dates on Friday nights. Your Friday nights usually consists of you hanging out with your friends or you moping around your house alone, thinking of all the things you could’ve been doing if you had someone.

19. You don’t have anyone to call yours and no one to call you theirs.

20. You don’t receive any good morning and good night texts that just give you the feels.

21. You don’t have anyone to share your personal experiences and memories with.

22. You get annoyed when people talk about their relationships.

23. You feel left out because all your friends are in relationships.

24. You feel like you’re not good enough for people based on the fact that you’re still single and you think nobody wants you.

25. You want to know that there’s someone out there who actually wants you in their life forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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