7 Ways That Love Is Like Pizza

Flickr / OakleyOriginals
Flickr / OakleyOriginals

1. You Get All Excited When Waiting For The Pizza Delivery Guy

“THE PIZZA’S COMING!” your friend yells. She just got off the phone with the pizza delivery service. You start to get all excited and irritated because you just want your goddamn pizza. Everyone can’t take their eyes off the door and it’s killing you waiting for something you really really want. That feeling you get is like when you’re waiting for your boyfriend to pick you up for your date. You’re excited and nervous at the same time. You’re also annoyed when he shows up late because you want to spend some time with him already. Just like pizza, when he shows up at your doorstep, none of that matters anymore. As long as he’s there, everything you need is right in front of you.

2. When You Open The Box, The Pizza Just Looks And Smells So Divine That You Admire It For A Minute

Hmm… the smell of pizza is just so delicious! You can smell the heat radiating off the pizza and you can smell all those different toppings; and the pizza looks amazing! Don’t you ever get that feeling when you’re on a date or just hanging out? Maybe your girlfriend is reading a book and she’s just so lost in it that you just stare at her for awhile. You watch how her eyebrows furrow or the way she crinkles her nose. You can’t help but admire her beauty at that moment.

3. You Don’t Care What The Pizza Looks Like; What Matters Is The Taste

Whether it’s a small pizza, big pizza, thin-crusted pizza, square pizza or whatever, you wouldn’t care what it looks like. Pizza is pizza. Everyone loves pizza. Appearances don’t matter; it all comes down to the taste. Just like with love, you don’t care what the person looks like on the outside, what matters is what’s on the inside. You will take the person you love any way you’ll get him/her. You accept the person for who he/she is and you find the beauty inside because that’s all that matters.

4. You Don’t Care If It’s Bad For Your Diet; You Eat It Anyways

We know that sometimes the people we love are bad for us. Some of them might be influencing us to do the wrong things or be a bad person. But we don’t care, because everything that’s wrong always feels so right. We don’t care if people disagree with us or try to tear us apart. What matters are you and the person you love, nothing else. Like when eating pizza, some people tell you not to eat too much, but you don’t listen to them and you just keep eating and eating because you know that it’s only between you and your pizza. Even though pizza makes us gain weight and is bad for our diets, we eat it anyways. Nobody turns down pizza. We love pizza too much.

5. You Savor Every Bite And Enjoy Eating It

All that gooey cheese and toppings just melts in your mouth and it tastes like heaven. You savor every single bite and you hope it never runs out. Just like being in a relationship, you cherish every moment you have together. You enjoy the times you spend with each other and you wish that moment would just last forever.

6. You Never Regret Eating Pizza

When you’re with the person you love, you never regret anything you do with them. You never say “I regret eating that extra slice of pizza.” I mean, come on! Who regrets eating pizza? But instead you say “Who cares if I ate that extra slice of pizza, I would do it again if you’d give me some more.” You never regret anything with the person you love because what you did or said was what you wanted to do at that moment. Regretting pizza is like regretting something good in your life.

7. Even If Pizza Makes You Gain Weight, You Still Eat It Anyway

Pizza may make you gain a couple of pounds, but that doesn’t stop you from eating it. Change is inevitable. Like in relationships, change is sometimes healthy. Things don’t have to stay the same in order for you to be together. You have to spice things up a little bit. You don’t have to have the same toppings every time you order pizza. You always have the opportunity to try something new. Love is the same. We make changes and take a leap of faith for the people we love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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