I Went On A 10 Day Social Media Purge — Here’s What It Felt Like


We cannot hide the fact that we are already termed as “modern slaves.”

Social media consumes us in a way that we want to be consumed.

I cannot resist the swiping disease in social media that hours are already passing and I’m still stuck reading about other people’s lives. I’m embracing social media that I cannot do what I should do first. I’m stuck.

I was stressed then. I don’t know if that’s how I should define it.But I don’t like it when I reached the point that I almost know everything that’s happening with my friends, with the world, with my country. I’m taking in all the bad news and the good news. I feel like riding a train that should stop at my destination in a fast phase basis when my friends messaged me on messenger and ask me to do this and that.

And so, the time came that my final requirements in graduate school seem like shouting on my face and slapping me. In an instant, I deactivated my account. No goodbyes at all. Just shut down for a moment – temporarily.

Since I joined Facebook, Twitter and Instagram way back 2009, this is the first time that I’ve deactivated. It feels good that people seem to worry about what happened or if you are facing a huge problem. It feels great that people use a text message to ask how are you and not through that social media. It feels great to talk to people, to go back to people and ask how are they doing “in person”.

How did I feel for this 10 days social media vacation?

Social media vacation gave me some sort of freedom to lessen my thinking and feel no pressure at all. I just realized that it’s an additional factor that you are having an update to the life of another person who is progressing successfully in their life, and you feel like questioning yourself in your present situation. On a positive note, I still believe that everyone has their own phase.

Social media vacation gave me less bad news and sadly good news about everything that is happening. But nevertheless, I resided to the thought of decreasing bad news. I feel free for 10 days. Free thinking, dreaming and having endless thoughts.

Social media vacation gave me the feeling of out-of -place whenever people are talking if “do you see this and that on Facebook”. I cannot relate, but I feel happy listening to details.

Social media vacation doubled my productivity in doing what I have to do. It’s not a need for me to update first before doing it, instead, I directly do what I have to accomplish that day.

Social media vacation taught me the significance of the quality of time that you spend in everything that you are doing. I learned to spend it actively and enjoy every tic-tac of the clock.

In the end, I still have the feeling of coming back because nowadays, it’s a need. If I will be off for it for a longer time, I won’t be updated in class and other tasks which are sent on Facebook. Nonetheless, it’s not a problem. I’m teaching myself the discipline on how to consume social media especially in times of running with deadlines. I’m officially back on social media, but I’m learning to use it after accomplishing my to do list.

So guys, if you are hesitant to try this for the first time. Don’t be. This is actually one of my good risks in life – to try social media vacation for the first time. And yay! I succeeded. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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