When It’s Time To Finally Let Go After A Breakup

This is a hard time. Currently you can’t see any way out of the dark pit that is your emotions.

It feels like the world is caving in on you and that you are one with the rejection you went through.

This is temporary. I swear it. The most difficult thing you will go through in this time is coming to terms with the fact that it’s YOU that needs to love you. Why do you need someone else to do that for you? Especially when you have so many amazing people who think the world of you and adore you.

If you think of this time as your brain getting back into YOU gear, then that might help. We could say it’s all chemicals and soon this will settle. This is true. It’s a case of redefining your priorities in life and refocusing what love you have to offer into something that can offer high profit returns.

It didn’t work with this person, but that doesn’t mean that out of all the humans on this planet, it won’t work with another. It’s a human desire to have hope and security in the fact that there is more out there for us. You likely felt this worry in the relationship — that you would be with one person and one only for as long as you could imagine.

So, take that thought and make yourself content with the fact that you get to experience more beings in your life on this planet. That not only have you made great memories prior to this breakup, but you will continue to do so with more. Showing your love and sharing your life with different people. The beauty of love is that you have the ability to reuse it and project it around yourself and others.

You are NOT this breakup. You’re merely experiencing a little sting. When you’re stung, there’s a biting pain that overwhelms every part of your body. Your body processes this pain out of you naturally. It can be a gradual process, sure. But when it’s over, the relief will soothe every part of you, whether that be noticeable or you just forget what you felt prior and move on peacefully.

You are needed and wanted on this planet, so don’t you dare think otherwise. What you are feeling hurts. Feel it all — embrace it. Let it remind you that you are a being with strong emotions, which is such a beautiful thing.

The sooner you come to terms with the fact that they won’t come back, that each day they are choosing to keep you away, the sooner you release that love from your heart. Yes, they may look back in a few months’ time and think, “FUCK, I had myself a real treat,” but by that time you have moved on and realized you don’t need that shit. Don’t cling to a hope that you don’t really want.

Take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to do, paint your toes, watch all the movies your heart could possibly desire. Do EVERYTHING you felt you couldn’t do before, and don’t let anything hold you back.

You are you, and that is just perfection. Don’t change who you are because you think it wasn’t enough for this person. Merely learn from the time you spent trying to please someone and focus it into something greater.

You will be okay. But for now, its okay not to be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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